Coffee Storage Tips

coffee bean containers & storage tips

Storing your coffee beans correctly and keeping your beans fresh is a key element in getting a consistantly good cup of coffee. Poor storage will degrade the quality of your coffee and before long your coffee will taste poor regardless of the initial quality of the beans. Below we will outline some of our favorite tips when it comes to coffee storage.

Freezing Coffee Beans

Storing your coffee in your refrigerator or freezer is a common suggestion, but it’s not advised. We suggest that you never store your coffee in the refrigerator. Your coffee beans will absorb flavors and aromas from other food products in your refrigerator and taint the taste of your coffee. On top of that, storing coffee beans in a freezer or refrigerator can also have a damaging effect on the beans themselves,especially if the beans come in contact with moisture. we do not recommend this practice.

Coffee Bean Containers

Coffee should always be stored in a clean, dry, airtight container, in a cool, dark place. Keeping your coffee stored in a Bean Vac ensures your beans are stored in the optimal environment.

Buying Smart

It’s important to buy coffee in appropriate quantities, rather than to stock up several months worth at once. The sooner it is consumed after roasting, the fresher and more aromatic the coffee will be. Exposure to air and moisture will begin to degrade the quality of the coffee beans, so it is ideal to purchase freshly roasted coffee beans in quantities that you will consume within two to three weeks of buying, keeping these coffee beans stored securely in your Bean Vac.