Care & Maintenance Guide

Keeping your Bean Vac clean is simple The following suggestions will help you maintain and care for your BeanVac.

Cleaning BeanVac’s Inner Storage Container

  1. Remove Coffee Bean Vac’s inner storage container from the outer shell.
  2. Place the inner storage container in the top shelf of your standard dishwasher and run the dishwasher as usual.
  3. The High Heat ABS Sleeve is safe in temperatures up to 110 C (230 F). It should wash safely in most dishwasher temperatures.
  4. Do not place Coffee Bean Vac’s outer canister in the dishwasher.  To clean the exterior of the Coffee Bean Vac, wipe it with a warm wet cloth.

Cleaning BeanVac’s Filter

  1. When the filter becomes dusty, remove the air valve cap and filter on the underside of Coffee Bean Vac’s lid.
  2. Wash off and dry the filter and cap by hand and replace them when finished.
  3. Check Coffee Bean Vac’s filter for dust about every three months.

Routinely clean the rim and seal of the Coffee Bean Vac for best results. This is especially important when storing grounds instead of whole beans.