Bean Vac

If you are a coffee lover, you know how much of a difference the smell of a great cup of coffee makes in your day. There are probably days that it is the only reason you get out of bed. The smell drifts upstairs as you have the timer on your machine and there is nothing you can do to resist that first cup of roasted fresh coffee to start your day.

This is a great way to keep your coffee beans fresh and tasty. If you want to get the best flavor and aroma in your cuppa, you can’t do without a vacuum coffee bean sealer. Just place coffee beans inside, pull the handlebar shut, and watch the powerful motorized vacuum and soft silicone seal create a precise fresh-guarding environment.

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Getting Started Guide

Bean Vacuum Coffee Storage

  1. Pull up on Coffee Bean Vac’s handle bar to unlock and open the lid.
  2. Place your coffee beans or grounds in Coffee Bean Vac’s inner container, up to ¼ inch below the upper rim.
  3. Close the lid and hook the handle bar on the air release lever.  Pull down on the handle bar to lock your Coffee Bean Vac and activate the vacuum pump.
  4. Pump will automatically engage once Coffee Bean Vac’s lid is locked.
  5. Vacuum indicator button will drop slowly, showing that the vacuum seal is in effect.
  6. In order to maintain optimal conditions for your coffee beans, Coffee Bean Vac’s pump can be set to automatically activate.  To set the auto activation time interval, remove the battery cover on the bottom of the unit and set the AUTO-ACTIVATION SWITCH to the desired setting (12, 24 or 48 hours).  If you want your Coffee Bean Vac to activate only upon closing the handle, set the AUTO-ACTIVATION SWITCH to “off.”

Removing your Coffee Beans from BeanVac

  1. Pull up on Coffee Bean Vac’s handle bar to unlock the lid and release the vacuum seal.
  2. Vacuum indicator button will rise slowly, showing that the vacuum seal is releasing.
  3. It may be necessary to lift the air release lever slightly to allow air into the inner container so that you can open the lid more easily.

Battery Installation

  1. Turn the battery cover on bottom side of Coffee Bean Vac counter-clockwise to loosen.
  2. Remove the battery cover.
  3. Insert 4 AA alkaline batteries into the battery compartment, observing the proper +/- polarities.
  4. Replace the cover and turn it clockwise to tighten.
  5. To seal the cover correctly align the guiding arrows.


Care and Manteinance Guide

The following suggestions will help you care for your BeanVac.

Cleaning BeanVac’s Inner Storage Container

  1. Remove Coffee Bean Vac’s inner storage container from the outer shell.
  2. Place the inner storage container in the top shelf of your standard dishwasher and run the dishwasher as usual.
  3. The High Heat ABS Sleeve is safe in temperatures up to 230 F. It should wash safely in all recent American and European dishwasher temperatures.
  4. Do not place Coffee Bean Vac’s outer canister in the dishwasher.  To clean the exterior of the Coffee Bean Vac, wipe with a wet cloth.

Cleaning BeanVac’s Filter

  1. When the filter becomes dusty, remove the air valve cap and filter on the underside of Coffee Bean Vac’s lid.
  2. Wash off and dry the filter and cap by hand and replace them when finished.
  3. Check Coffee Bean Vac’s filter for dust about every three months.

* Routinely clean the rim and seal of the Coffee Bean Vac for best results. This is especially important when storing grounds instead of whole beans.

* If you experience problems with your Direct Cafe Supplies call xxxx for assistance.


Coffee Storage Tips

Never store your coffee in the refrigerator. Coffee will absorb flavors and aromas from other food products in your refrigerator. Freezing coffee can also have a damaging effect, and we do not recommend this practice unless you will not use-up your supply of coffee for a prolonged period of time [two weeks or more]. Coffee should be stored in a clean, dry, airtight container, in a cool, dark place.

Buying Smart

It’s important to buy coffee in smaller quantities, rather than to stock up. The sooner it is consumed after roasting, the fresher and more aromatic the coffee will be. Exposure to air and moisture will begin to degrade the quality of the coffee beans, so it is ideal to purchase freshly roasted coffee beans in quantities that you will consume within two to three weeks of buying, keeping the coffee stored securely in your Bean Vac.